I have always believed that your choice of a lender should be based on facts. A Loan Officers past experience, current results, research, and a feeling of confidence after your interview. Too often the choice is made on “brand”. A brand never made a mortgage loan, someone who works for the brand did. I have completed countless loans for those who choose a “brand name” and were turned down. As far as the client for life goal, that happens only when the promises made are kept, again and again, loan after loan. My promise is to always give you my very best effort. I also will give you the facts, good or bad, in a straight forward manner.

Experience is important; I’ve closed in excess of 10,000 loans. I believe that timely responses to questions and issues during the loan processing period is essential. No one should wait days for a return call. Your call will be returned with-in 1 hour. Lending guidelines are changing faster today than ever before. Self-imposed, stricter guidelines from branded name lenders who were burnt in the meltdown are common today and sometimes have a big effect on your loan request. These self-imposed guidelines are called “overlays”. Please try to avoid.

Good question. If you had health issues, how would you choose your doctor? The cost of surgery, experience, referral, confidence after interview, maybe all of the above. I don’t believe there is anyone you’ll interview that has made more loans, done the job longer, has as diverse background or cares more about the final result as much as myself. In my past, I’ve been President/CEO of a mortgage bank, public escrow, and appraisal company. I’ve done builder loans, written mortgage programs, and performed or overseen every aspect of mortgage lending through 4 economic cycles.

I enjoy what I do. I like solving problems that competitors can’t solve. When your loan closes and the dust settles, I’m confident that you will see a difference between myself and any past lending experiences you have had.

I will meet or beat any rate quote you are given in writing on the day of the quote. If I accept your loan, it will be approved. Your Good Faith Estimate on costs and interest rate will not change if all deal points remain unchanged. I will close on time or reduce your cost. Once your loan has closed, I will continue to monitor the market for rate improvement. If a rate improvement opportunity comes along and makes good economic sense, I will contact you in writing with the math. I will not write a loan that I don’t believe in. There must be an economic benefit. I will recommend certain types of mortgage programs that best fit your current lifestyle and future goals. My referral base are high-end financial planners, attorneys, selected real estate professionals, and past clients.


If you have been turned down by a big bank or inexperienced loan agent, get a second opinion.  Just because a business card says “Loan Officer” doesn’t insure competence.  About 25% of the loan referrals I receive are borrowers who were told “No”!


I don’t post interest rates, mortgage news, market trends or economic news.  Why?  Rates, market trends, and news can change in minutes of posting.  I do, and will, give you a rate quote in writing, accurate within minutes of receipt.  I was a paneled member for Chapman College Annual Real Estate Forecasts.  After 40 years of lending, I’ve seen enough cycles to have an educated opinion on the market and its future.  In fact, someone said “We can predict the future by looking at the past”.



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